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BangProof is a hat that is flexible at rest and hard at impact. The most reliable head protection is ensured by high end technology shock absorbing and anti-stab materials.
Adaptive AbsorptionBangProof is soft at rest but
gets hard at impact
Impact Responding BehaviourProtects you from heavy slams and
keeps you comfy in daily wipeouts
Multi ImpactBangProof will protect your
head over and over again
LightweightYou will feel it as
wearing a standard cap
Low ProfileForget about bulky helmets
and keep your street style
Anti StabFull protection against
cuts and penetration

Choose your style

or design your own BangProof® hat!


BangProof classic snapback with a flat visor - perfectly fits your head thanks to the back stripe adjustment.
Safety and style in one cap!


Not really a caps fan? No problem! We've got you covered! Introducing BangProof® bucket hats! New shape for those who feel more comfortable with a soft peak.
Przemek Drops Drosik
Polish Wakeskate Champion 2016, 2017, 2019
Founder of BangProof

Created out of need

The story of BangProof is simple: we created a product we ourselves were in need of.
Being athletes and belonging to the action sports communities, we had experienced
a widespread lack of solution that would act as a helmet, but would also be
more comfortable and frankly, just look better.
Przemek Drops Drosik
Founder of BangProof

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the waiting list today!

Are you a Wakeboarder
or a Wakeskater?

No matter if you ride on cable park, on winch or
behind the boat, we've got your head covered!

Kitesurfing in

Sure thing! Be protected from
sun and heavy slams!

Safe surfing?
Yes, it's possible!

Impact absorption UV protection Floatable

BangProof will protect you from the reef and the sun.
It will stay on your head after duck dive and keep
your style on the beach!

Still not sure?
Listen to the PROs!

I love BangProof hats! They're much more comfy than any other helmet I've tried. Besides that I think they give much better vibe riding. They're new and innovative. They're the future of helmets.
Sam de Haan
Pro Wakeboarder
Wakeboarding Vice Champion of European and Africa Championships 2019
6th time Wakeboarding Champion of Netherlands
Two things about the BangProof helmet, it's light and won't even feel that you have an helmet anymore! It give you an other style but you're staying safe anyway. So what you need to do is buy a BangProof helmet!
Maxime Giry
Pro Wakeskater
Wakeskating World Champion Junior
Champion of European & Africa Championships 2019
It doesnt matter if you just did the coolest trick ever. People will only ask you one thing. "Where'd you get that helmet?" Not only are they proven to be cool, but they feel wayyy more comfortable than traditional helmets that shake and bob around while riding. These bad boys fit nice and snug which makes you feel safe and confident when going for that scary new trick.
Jose Corpuz
Pro Wakeskater
Wakeskating Champion of Asia
Wakeskating Champion of Philipines
I love to ride in BangProof! I don't even feel that I'm wearing it! People think that if you ride on water, nothing is gonna happen, but they have no idea! Thanks BangProof!
Olaf Sypien
Pro Wakeboarder
Captain on X wake ship, good times and steezy lines


We ain't newbies! Look what we've already achieved!
The Hottest European Startup
Impact CEE 2017
The Main Prize of the Prime Minister of Poland
Polish Government
Best Headwear Apparel Manufacturers 2019 - Poland
European Enterprise Awards hosted by EU Business News

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