Experience Certified Protection
with BangProof Helmets
At BangProof, we are committed to delivering superior safety and performance with our BangProof helmets designed for water sports. These helmets are the result of our dedication to cutting-edge technology and the use of advanced materials to provide water enthusiasts with the ultimate protection and comfort. Discover how BangProof helmets stand out from the rest.
Impact Absorption Technology
Our BangProof caps use cutting-edge Impact Absorption Technology, a top-tier solution for impact protection. It sets the safety standard in the industry by efficiently absorbing impact energy. Here's why it's a game-changer
Safety and Style
Stay safe in style with BangProof helmets featuring Impact Absorption Technology, prioritizing both safety and comfort for your water sports adventures.
BangProof's Impact Absorption Technology
Smart Rebound with Memory Effect
BIAT's rapid memory effect ensures it quickly bounces back to its original shape after collisions, keeping you ready for your next adventure
Resilience Against Multiple Impacts
Unlike styrofoam or low-quality foams, our material withstands multiple impacts without losing its protective capabilities
Outstanding Impact Absorption
Our CE-approved BangProof protectors consistently perform legal norms specified in EN 1385. You can trust in superior protection
Environmentally Friendly
Our foam production uses renewable materials for easy disposal with household waste
Featherweight Design
Lightweight yet highly absorbent, steering clear of heavy shells or silicone components for optimal comfort in intense sports
Adaptive Impact Response
BIAT uses trapped air for gradual absorption, staying soft for slow forces and stiffening fast for sudden impacts.
Quick Response to Impacts
Unlike traditional protectors, BIAT quickly responds to minor impacts, efficiently absorbing energy linearly to minimize force on your body
Supreme Comfort
BIAT offers remarkable flexibility for outstanding comfort, letting you focus on your performance
Diolen/Kevlar Composite Shell
BangProof helmets boast an exceptional shell made of Diolen and Kevlar composite, offering unmatched strength and durability. Diolen resists abrasion and UV rays, while Kevlar provides lightweight, robust protection, ensuring your helmet's longevity and structural integrity.
Comfort and Sustainability Combined
OEKO-TEX Certified Textile Material
At BangProof, we prioritize your safety, comfort, and the environment. Our helmets feature OEKO-TEX certified textiles for unparalleled comfort and eco-friendly, skin-friendly assurance. Elevate your water sports with BangProof helmets, combining Impact Absorption Technology, Diolen/Kevlar composites, and OEKO-TEX textiles for unbeatable protection and comfort