Guide to Water Sports Gear: BangProof - Flexible Helmets in Cap and Bucket Form

Guide to Water Sports Gear: BangProof - Flexible Helmets in Cap and Bucket Form

Check out the latest trends in water sports head protection.

Did you know that safety on the water can go hand in hand with fashion?

Meet BangProof

a startup that is changing the game in world-class head protection for water sports!

Our innovative helmets in the form of caps or buckets are not only revolutionary in design but above all, safe and functional.

BangProof was born out of a passion for water sports and a dislike for traditional helmets. Despite looking like an ordinary hat, our product hides advanced technology. Thanks to composites made from modern materials, our helmets are soft and flexible, yet hardens upon impact, providing unparalleled head protection.

What sets BangProof apart from other products on the market? Firstly, our helmets are certified according to the CE EN1385 standard, ensuring their high quality and safety. Secondly, our innovative design makes the helmets not only functional but also stylish. Available in various colors, you can easily match them to your style and preferences.

But that's not all! Here's what the professionals say: Karolina Winkowska, world kiteboarding champion, praises the stylish and safe BangProof caps. Daniel Grant, world wakeboarding and wakeskating champion, appreciates the comfort and compactness of our helmets. Maxime Giry, world wakeskating champion, emphasizes that BangProof is the future of helmets. Alexander James Lewis-Hughes, Australian kiteboarding and windsurfing champion, believes that BangProof is the future of helmets.

Are you ready to join our community? If you're looking for head protection that combines safety with a trendy look, it's worth paying attention to BangProof! Check out our collection today and enjoy water activities safely and stylishly! 🧢🌊

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